Poles Saving Jews


Episode 1



During World War II the Nazis began the mass extermination of the Jewish population. This was when many Polish neighbours and friends aided Jews – ordinary people offered their help in transporting those in danger to a safe place, provided food and shelter. Not only was this help concealed during the war times, when people risked their lives. For dozens years after, during the communist era this information could not come out in the open.

According to Szymon Datner, about 100,000 Jews survived the Holocaust mainly thanks to Poles’ help. Several people were usually involved in helping just one person.

The Yad Vashem Institute recognised about 280 Świętokrzyskie Province’s residents who helped Jews and awarded them with the “Righteous Among the Nations” honours. However, this is just a fraction of those who offered their help to Jews.

Autor Marlena Płaska
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The "Poles Saving Jews" radio program is dedicated to the local heroes – those who were brave enough to risk their own lives and lives of their families. Each episode is a story of a family that came in aid. The whole is complemented with historians' commentary – Ewa Kołomańska from the Museum of the Kielce Region Countryside and the Ethnographic Park and Tomasz Domański PhD. from the Kielce branch of the Institute of National Remembrance.